Lennon Wall

Photography by S.M

During my last trip to Europe a few months ago, we stopped in beautiful Prague.

The Lennon Wall was really high on my “Must Sees” while in Prague – to say I was disappointed would be an understatement. This small photo was the only portion not covered in graffiti. A wall that once inspired people and was filled with beautiful art, Beatles lyrics and quotes of peace is now poorly defaced. Such a shame! Hopefully it will be re done soon.

Here is what the wall looked like in 1998.


This is the wall currently.

Lennon Wall now

Hi everyone!!! I’ve returned from my Europe vacation 🙂

While the Jet Lag is settling in, I am beyond excited to be home and to write up a detailed post about my adventures and share many photos with you all in the next few weeks. Upon my return home, I was surprised with a gift pack from KISS for my participation in the Influenster challenge and since I own many products from them, I plan to do a giveaway for you guys so they don’t go to waste sitting on my dinning room table.

stay tuned



Today is the day I leave for my Europe vacation 🙂

I am flying to Budapest for a few days where I will then take an overnight train to Prague and end my journey in Berlin.







I am beyond excited to see all the beautiful sights and take in the rich culture and history each city has.

Throughout that time I will not be able to post much but I will share all of my adventures with you upon my return.

I have my passport (& ruby red nails) ready & I’m all set to go 🙂