ahhhhhh, this photo describes me perfectly!

I wish I could do it more often but traveling can be very expensive, even though I’m pretty sure I could plan any trip within a reasonable budget. I try to take at least 1 good trip a year. Last year I went to Europe in May. We found a cruise from Barcelona that was priced really cheap – I mean like 5 days under $300 a person cheap! We got to stay a total of 2 days in Barcelona and spent one day each in Cannes, Pisa/Florence & Rome. It was the most amazing trip I have ever been on and I am totally in LOVE with Italy because of it and feel the exact opposite of Cannes after spending a few hours there lol

I don’t think words can ever truly describe the experience traveling gives you.

This is the plan for our September 2013 trip:


Budapest –> Prague –> Berlin

(maybe with a quick stop in Dresden)

We will take trains in between each city and we will do it all in a total of 11 days!

We basically planned this trip ending in Berlin so we can partake in some Oktoberfest activities! 🙂

Any suggestions for hotel/restaurant recommendations and must see’s?


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